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Friends Only

I'm hardly around, if you remember me, we can be friends.

For my fic, please visit shamaxiom.

x Demi

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Pssss visit my neopets lol, the games are fun and free. Good way to waste some time.

Ryan Rossy For The Win!

This is it, guys. My love for Ryan Ross, manifested in a painstaking 2+ years of picture hoarding. Prompted by such nonsense as teainagarden's picspasms and gender-neutral thursday, I bring you 109 (yes, count 'em, 109) pictures of Ryan Fucking Ross.

Because I cannot deny it, he is my favorite.

These are JUST Ryan, not Ryan with other members of Panic. Because that would take too long, okay, and I am a lazy bum. IF YOU HAVE ONES I DON'T, put them in the comments because one can NEVER have too much Ryan Ross.

FAIR WARNING: There will be lots of ~~~, CAPS, ♥ ♥ ♥ and flails. Oh lol and if you didn't catch on from the 109 pictures, this is image heavy.

Carrying on~!



This is exactly what I was afriad of. With every other Panic boy shenanigan, somehow I avoided the mass amounts of drama.

The hate and insults I've seen lately make me want to puke.

If I've unfriended you here, or on twitter or something, now you know why.

I'm upset too.

Don't be a fucking dickwad.



plz for the love of Brendon's ass,

if you friend me and I don't know you...

comments in the friends only post? plz? Otherwise I refuse to friend you back.


I friend only'd this journal for a reason... xD

Spencer Smith

i can has picture of him without his facial hairs?

=[ I'm a little scared, guys. They grew on me.


LIES. I just saw it. S okay.

Brendon, however.


Writer's Block: Traditional Pursuits

There are a lot of things we see most often in December, like caroling, potato latkes, mistletoe, mulled wine, eggnog, and returning gifts. What's your favorite holiday tradition?

Every year on Christmas day, after my little family has breakfast and opens all our gifts, we get ready and travel over to my aunt's house where we us tkind of...catch up with family. I always then go spend a week at least with my cousin timepassedyouby's family and we always do a bunch of fun things. :3



it made me dance around like a total loser. my mom was all like, "D< YEAH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY." and i was just like, "PANIIIIIIIC--thankyou--WHEEEEEEEEEE~"

I had a bad day so. It made me smile. :)

Yeah, the friends-only thing....yeah I'll edit that soonish. XD I made the cut already so if you're gone and dont want to be, lemme know, yeah?

How's everyone? =o


I'm making this journal Friends Only soon. I'm also going to clean out my F-list.

If I talk to you...or read your stories...our you comment me a lot...o__O; you probably aren't getting cut. But if you dont post any journals ever and just sort of lurk...well.

If for some reason you're scared of getting cut and don't want to be, leave a comment here plz.


Have I ever mentioned my unyielding love for this journal? Makes me feel better.

#1: MY FINALS MUSIC HAS RETURNED TO ME~ *kisses it* Likelihood of failure: reduced 45%

#2: Music. Producing music. It's there every day in band but it's when I pick up my horn alone and just...play...that I feel the happiest. The lightest. The most free. Yet I forget and neglect it. Why? =/ I confuse myself. Then again, if I didn't forget, I wouldn't have as much joy, I think.

I plan on transposing some Panic music to trumpet soon. I think it'll be a fun project. And...Flobots' "Handlebars" trumpet solo. My section leader transposed it and it was cool. Now I must do it. @___@

#3: I have the best friends ever this year and...I love highschool. I don't think there should be reason for people to hate it. I think there should be something for everyone. Yes, I know I go to a rather nice (yet old) school but... I think everyone should have that kind of opportunity.

This love is for you, right now, BobKaraAshleySeanKatiDanielWilsonBobbyBrandonEricJessicaErinMelanieVickyRachealEmilyTaylorAngelaKathyJodiCarolineEmmaNicoleJackDeannMattBrookeArielSammyLivKaylaAlexAbbyBriannaAbbeyCaseyJaimeMichelleJulieBeccaShannonCharleneRyanDanBrandonKelsyBillMaggieKristen

AND IF I FORGOT YOU...you probably won't know anyway cause god bless you if you read that whole list.



Couple things-

1) Panic, you are making m'life. Live in Chicago = soon, ty mom for the way early birthday present. New cd in spring according to my issue of AP, cute little article in AP, Spencer and his gay comments, and also! I have fanfic time again. :)

2) Working on LCRL as best as I can, post maybe next weekend?


4) It's nice to feel twitterpated again but I forgot how much I hated it. Forgot what it's like to have a stupid pointless crush. Forgot what it's like to get jealous over what's not even yours in the first place. I almost wish I didn't have to remember. Makes me feel retarded.

from muh facebewk:

... is SUCCESS! 8:43pm
at 8:49pm December 4
Did you get it?! Did you do it?!?!

and i'm automatically like NOOOOOOOOOOO~ but if he did get a new girlfriend I hope she's better than his last. He deserves it. Be my brother forever if only my love for a day.

Family. D:

5) Bitch who stole my finals music for wind symphony-fuck you. I hope you fail your final, you asswipe. Now I won't be able to practice this weekend.